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Crystal Gems Roller Bottles/ Set of 10


Crystals INFO

+Red Jasper enhances creativity and intuition, drive away the negative enviromental energy, which helps on overcoming of influences like electromagnetic or geopathic stress. Bloodstones minimizes aggressivness, impatience and irritability.

+Tiger eyestone can inspire courage, bring cofidence, strenghen faith, and make people brave. Can use her own energy to strengthen joints and bones, and calm the nervous system of calming metabolism.

Lapis Lazuli has a unique mineral and trace elements that help treaat insomnia, dizziness, headaches and lower blood pressure,soothe mood, tension, and coordinate the throat to improve the disease of the trachea, throat and respiratory tract.

+Flourite has a miraculous effect on headaches and migraines. It can be used as a meditation and inspiration to help to eliminate emotional distress. Help to eliminate negative energy accumulated in the body and prevent external negative energy invasion.

+Rose Quartz exude a gentle and attractive pink light, which can relax tension, relieve irritability and help improve interpersonal relationship. Pink is the color of love that Venus hsows, love is the best stone for love, can be enhance its own attaction to the outside world.

+Amethyst stone is considered to be the guardian stone of love, which can give love to the lover, honesty and courage, and can make love between couples and deeper, develop intelligence, calm emotions, improve intuition, help thinking, concentrate, increase momory and enhance interpersonal relationships.

+Green Aventurine ussually contains micro-grains and pyrite, which can effectively relieve the anxiety and make you get out of the stress caused by work stress. it not only protects the heart and the long system, but also effectively relieves high blood pressure. Blood lipids, skin diseases, headaches and dizziness.

+The energy of Clear Crystal can make the individual’s mind clear, the spirit is refreshing, improve the work efficiency, reduce the electromagnetic radiation to protect the human body from being interfered by electromagnetic waves too much, and the Clear Crystal will produce a continous and stable shock in the light, so for making people Clear mind, enhaced memory and underatndind, balance your body, mind and body, and help to concentrate.

+Sodalite is mainly composed of calcitte, Sodalite (10%-15%), muscovite and pyrite. It is good for people’s headache, high boold pressure and respiratory diseases. The treatment as an auxiliary crystal, its energy is thick, stable and soft, can brig a quiet feeling, relieve the disease of the neck and shoulder, and help the treatment of diseases such as thyrod function decline, throat and lymphatic infection.

+Obsidian can effectively eliminate negative energy and promote new energy; help eliminate tension, reduce stress, and quickly restore physcal strengh, improve the weakness of weak qi deficiency, help sleep, improve vitality and endurance, is the most protective health Gems.

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10 ml Roll on bottle Clear Glass Roller Bottles With Natural Crystal Gemstone Roller Balls Top, Bamboo Lid, Thick Glass Essential Oil Bottles-Healing Crystals.


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