Welcome to Soham Yoga



3rd Sunday every month for 10 months 

12:30-3:00—Each class consists of dialogue and gentle yoga practice

10 sessions: $400 for the series, or $50 single class

Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits: 25 for series, or 2.5 per session

Instructor: Diana Tigerlily, Ph.D., E-RYT 500

About the Series:

The Yamas and Niyamas are ethical guidelines for living our best life, both personally and socially. The yamas, or moral observances, are nonviolence, truthfulness, non-stealing, nonexcess, and nonattachment. The Niyamas, or moral practices, are purity, contentment, self-discipline, self-study, and surrender. If we can master just one, we will have mastered them all. 

In this workshop series, each session will be dedicated to a single yama or niyama, where we will learn tools for incorporating these practices into our daily life. For example, we will spend our first class delving into the first yama: nonviolence. What is it? What is our relationship with it? How do we practice it? 

Students who sign up for the whole series will be provided with readings from the Yoga Sutras and from Deborah Adele’s book The Yamas and Niyamas that we will discuss in class. The first portion of each class will be dialogue, and the second half will be a gentle yoga practice. Bring your mats, notes, notebooks, and any pillows or yoga props you desire that will allow you to be comfortable. 

Feb 19—Ahimsa~Nonviolence

Ahimsa means “do no harm” and is commonly known as nonviolence. Ahimsa, the first yama, is foundational to the other yamas and niyamas, and is much more complex than meaning to simply “not hit.” In this session we will explore how-to live-in relationship with each other and with self without causing harm to anyone, including ourselves. Perfecting nonviolence brings peace and protection.

March 19—Satya~Truthfulness

Satya, or truthfulness, is partner to nonviolence. How do we speak our truth without causing harm to others? This workshop will explore what “truth” means, how to practice being true, and how to communicate truthfulness with nonviolence and compassion. When we perfect truthfulness, what we speak becomes true.

April 16—Asteya~ Non-stealing

Asteya, or nonstealing, is more complex than what it first appears. We might not steal items from the corner store, but do we steal time from ourselves or from each other? Do we steal from the future? From the earth? From our own opportunities? This workshop will explore what it means to practice Asteya. Perfecting nonstealing brings abundance.

May 21—Brahmacharya~Non-excess 

Do you use your phone too much? Do you sleep too much? Do you work too much? Do you overindulge? Also known as moderation, Brahmacharya teaches us how to live with “enough”. In this workshop we will identify the aspects of our life in which we are wanting to practice non-excess and discuss strategies to attain that. Perfecting non-excess brings great vitality.

June 18- Aparigraha ~ Non-attachment

Also known as non-possessiveness, practicing Aparigraha brings us freedom by helping us to lighten our load. We will discuss what nonattachment is, practices for letting go, and distinctions between non-attachment and not caring. Perfecting nonattachment brings knowledge of experience.

July 16— Saucha~Purity 

Purity is the first of the Niyamas. What might it look and feel like to go an entire day with clean thoughts, clean words, clean actions, clean eating, and a clean environment? Purity invites us to cleanse our lives in the ways significant to us, allowing us to be purely present in each moment. Perfecting purity brings clarity.

August 20—Santosha~Contentment 

Satisfaction is not the same as contentment. We can be content without being satisfied. We can be content amidst chaos. In this workshop we will learn how to practice contentment, even in difficult situations, by accepting and appreciating each moment. Perfecting contentment brings joy.

September 17—Tapas ~ Self-Discipline 

The practice of self-discipline builds heat, the fire of transformation. With self-discipline we invite change and growth. Are you ready to become your best self? In what areas of your life are you wanting to build self-discipline? Perfecting the practice of self-discipline brings refinement.

Oct 15—Svadhyaya ~ Self Study

Through self-study, we look at the stories we tell ourselves. These are the stories that create our reality. Through self-study, we begin to peel away limiting self-perceptions and begin to know our true selves. Perfecting self-study brings freedom.

Nov 19—Ishvara Pranidhana~Surrender

Learning to surrender with devotion and trust, allows us to be present with an open heart. Surrender does not mean to be a passive victim, but to actively engage each moment with integrity and flow. Perfecting surrender brings harmony.